Architectural design

We provide design services for private houses, cottages, townhouses, country houses, etc. If you want to build your House on an individual project, with an area comfortable for you and with the necessary backyard plot, then this service is completely suitable for you.


At the beginning of work, you need to decide on the site for further construction. This is an important and difficult process, since There are many factors to consider:

– site geometry

– bias

– soils

– environment

– distance to the nearest store, pharmacy, hospital, school, kindergarten, etc.

If you need professional advice, we can advise at this stage.

At the preparatory stage of the project development, we will fill in a detailed questionnaire together with you, the so-called technical task, which indicates all your wishes and needs. We determine the style.

Next, we take the plot of the work and proceed to planning.

Making the first sketches. We agree. We make adjustments. We do visualization. We agree. We make adjustments. And then proceed to the drawings.

Ordering a sketch project of a house / cottage / townhouse, you get such a volume of documentation:

  1. General data (explanatory note)
  2. Scheme of the master plan (landing the house on the plot)
  3. House plan with furniture arrangement
  4. Sketches of the external appearance of the house
  5. Facades
  6. Computer visualization of the exterior
  7. Specification of facade finishing materials


If necessary, we can also include in the preliminary design:

Vertical layout of the site

Calculation of insolation of premises

This set of documents is enough to obtain a building permit, but this is not enough to build a house in accordance with all the rules and regulations.

The complete house project consists of the following sections:

Stage of outline design (EP)

  1. Architectural draft design (AP)

Stage of detailed design (RP)

  1. Architectural Solutions (AP)
  2. Constructive solutions (KR)
  3. Heating and ventilation (OV)
  4. Water supply and sewage (VK)
  5. Power supply (EO and EM)

Definitely for this amount of work you need to allocate time and budget. But there are a number of advantages of building according to the finished detailed project:

The idea of ​​the total cost of all construction (for a finished project, construction companies calculate the estimate for all materials and work, so before construction begins, you understand the amount of your costs).

You will have all the specifications and volumes of the necessary materials for which builders make purchases. You can check this at any time.

Minor alterations and shortcomings. With detailed design, we are working on constructive and all the details, so builders will not “experiment” and invent something along the way, their task is to build in accordance with the project.

Accordingly, you save money in the absence of alterations and downtime of the construction crew.

And also an important fact: you save your personal time. The builders ask all the questions that arise on the project to us, we in turn control the compliance of the work to be carried out with the project, and you only watch the creation of the House of your dream.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.


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