Shop design

Shop interior design Numerous studies of scientists as well as practical experiences how that people are more likelyto buy in beautiful shops. Comfortable layout, stylish design of shop windows and other interiorparts do their work. Along with the quality goods, the service and the price policy thisdetermines the com. success

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Cafe and restaurant design

Design of the caf? interior We are all pleased to spend time in abeautiful atmosphere. Even if you are not an esthete, youwill spend more time and come back another time to that place where you enjoyed the dishesas well.

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Home interior design

Home interior design Hundreds of companies and studious deal with the arrangement of houses. If you took up therealization of your dream of an out-of-town house or a cottage, then, obviously you will try tofind the one among them which makes projects of dwelling design.

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Office design

Office design No matter which sphere is the company occupied in, it is vital to be easily recognized. That iswhat company’s reputation depends on. Besides, having your own style helps to make a stablecontact with customers as well as to get regular customers. How to solve such a difficult task?

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Object design

A new look at old things. We offer development of individual items of furniture, decor and textiles.

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Construction and interior decoration

The embodiment of your ideas to life. Any, even the most daring idea, should be able to be sold

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Interior design

Creating a design project according to your wishes, functional use of every square meter, and the use of bold and unusual ideas.

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Architectural design

Creation of individual houses with comfortable (ergonomic) and functional planning decisions.

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