Townhouse (photo)

Townhouse (photo)

May, 2018
Dnipro, Ukraine


Our Town House project is an oasis of silence and tranquility in the center of the megalopolis.

We started this project on the stage of the house construction. This allowed us to build interior ergonomics of rooms, proceeding from a way of life, habits and preferences of the customer. The customer wish was to create an interior where serenity and coziness reigns. Getting to the house, you were enveloped by peace, tranquility and comfort.

The house is divided into two functional zones – general (the 1st floor) and personal (the 2nd floor) that provide to its residents maximum convenience and comfort.

Entrance zone, big living room combined with the dining room and kitchen, guest bedroom, and bathroom belong to the common area. Separate advantage is design of utility space: laundry place, heat generating room, and cellar.

Entrance zone was executed in pleasant quiet tones, with a large amount of light and a mirror for increasing the space. We decided to support this mood also in the living room, which is executed in light, pastel colors with contrast accents.

Kitchen is zoned from the dining room by original console table. Huge windows, leading to the garden, let inside a large amount of sunlight.

The second floor is a private zone of the owners. There is a master’s bedroom, two children’s rooms, wardrobe, and bathroom.

The interior came out easy, light and modern as wished by the customer.


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