Interior design


Architectural design

The main principle of work on architectural projects is competent combination of engineering and design solutions. This service involves creation of the building – foundations, which in future complement the interior. It includes development of conceptual design and working drawings. We design the house, depending on its location to harmoniously fit with the environment.

Interior design

Our studio creates interior design of apartments, private houses, restaurants, office buildings and other facilities. We bring to life all the client’s wishes, our own experience and creative ideas. Our studio develops interior taking into account both aesthetics and functionality. Each square meter of space and every detail has to play its role – it is the key to success of any modern design.

Product design

Owing to extraordinary use of interior objects any space acquires its individuality. After all,  little things enrich the interior and give it a certain charm. Without false modesty, it is worth noting that our team creates unique and original details and decoration. We are not afraid to experiment and ready to connect amazing things to get excellent results.



  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Any fruitful cooperation starts with a discussion of terms and conditions and then signing the agreement. At the first stage budget is to be approved, which will be carried out within the design project. Also terms and deadlines are to be discussed. Our team then performs site visits, where all the necessary measurements are to be done. Having come to a complete understanding, we start working on a design project, and you can only give a “green light”.

Knowing all about your preferences, the team starts working on the basic concept. We are not afraid of proposing bold ideas and at each design project we look a whole new way. Taking into account all the demands and wishes, we develop optimal space-planning solution for creating an ergonomic and functional space. Finally, there is a careful selection of the interior style, which later will reflect your personality.

At this stage, our team is engaged in a thorough study of the project, as well as colorful and realistic visualization. Owing to this you will look at your future home even before it is built. While working on the design project, we are inspired not only by standard solutions, but also by novelties in design industry. The most interesting happens at this stage – the selection of furniture, home decoration, wallpaper, tiles, curtains and much more. And after completion of the design project, you will receive detailed working drawings, understandable to any builder.

We are very sensitive to our projects and closely monitor their implementation. Therefore, during the construction and decoration thorough supervision is carried out. Our team cooperates with a variety of factories and contractors who can create exclusive furniture and home furnishings for you. In addition, we provide advice on the purchase of building materials and the selection of construction team. This ensures that all your wishes will be realized, and the construction work is to be performed on the highest level.


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