The love of architecture and design has inspired us to create Design Studio HouseForm. Our mission is to harmonize our given workspace and its ergonomics: whether it’s a house, office, and or restaurant. We strive to create interiors where people can be themselves, feel comfortable, and feel safe. We are experienced in solving the most diverse tasks and it helps us translate ideas into reality.

Basic principles to which we adhere in our work:

  • Full openness to the client;
  • orientation on goals and client needs, rather than on fashion trends and stereotypes;
  • we offer only original solutions, we avoid plagiarism;
  • create a space that’s comfortable and as functional as possible.

We are open to new challenges and are ready to provide free advice at the stage of your preparation for your project development.

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Anastasiya Ovcharenko

Founder, architect, interior designer

Denis Ovcharenko


Anastasiya Kurbala


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